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Intereuropa, leader in Slovenia, uses the Wex solution for all its activities, which are as follows :

Maritime transit FCL/LCL, Aerial Direct& Groupage, Route Complet & International Groupage

Domestic Messaging Europe

Express Messaging in the Balkans on behalf of UPS

Intereuropa produces a turnover of around €250 million, has 2,000 users and a fleet of 400 trucks.

Groupage Services

Express Transport

Road Transport

Railway Transport

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CAT Group is an independent leader in automotive logistics. As an expert, CAT provides all vehicles or components logistics needs in Europe and in different countries around the world.

In 2018, its customers assigned CAT Group with the transportation of:

8,9 million vehicles

100.000 motorcycles

21 million packages

In order to guarantee the best quality of service and traceability throughout the supply chain, the CAT Group has deployed the Wex*4TL solution in all the entities of its Cargo Logistics Division

Vehicle Logistics

Cargo Logistics

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DHL Freight is a subsidiary of DHL Global Freight and among the 5 European leaders in road transport, it produces an annual turnover of more than 5.5Mld € and employs more than 15 000 people distributed on 40 countries in Europe and North America.

After an audit of the technical architecture (supporting more than 200,000 shipments per day) and an in-depth functional analysis, Wexlog's Wex*4TL solution was selected to build DHL Freight's new TMS system named "EVO".

The "EVO" project was launched in 2016 and in deployment since 2020 in its 40 countries, 850 sites and 14,000 users.

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