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Freight Forwarders / forwarding Agents

Wexlog's software solution for Freight Forwarders / Forwarding Agents is available On Premise and On Cloud.


Is configured to meet international Transport operations including 3PL and 4PL logistics services.

Is a global solution with a single "End-To-End" sales order management to track all transport and logistics operations with a thin tracking per package or handling unit.

Allows the gross margin to be determined by the File of the Client.
A Customer file may include several pick-up and delivery operations and participate at the same several groupings time of the event in case of parallel transport operations and quantities which are exceeding physical capacities of the loading equipments.

Plans automatic transport operations with or without load optimization and loadings that permit a massification of flows from origin to final delivery.

Each step, or transport operation, can be subjected to massification.

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An access through a multi-actors collaborative platform / multi-partners (client portal, freight forwarders, logisticians, …) can be employed if requested.


Wexlog software Solution allows the necessary documentation production for all steps of transport, whether national or international, with native document management which permits to store internal and external documents in customer files and any other management element such as Groups, Operations, etc...

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