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Exhibition logistics


Wex*PRM is the collaborative digital platform designed by Wexlog and exclusively dedicated to companies operating in logistics events (e. g. Congresses, Exhibitions, Fairs...).

This solution allows you to create a link in a single IT environment between the different partners while protecting each other's data.




This new feature has two mobile applications on :

  • Tablet, which permit to follow all clients and suppliers partners during the installation on the site of the event,

  • Smartphone, which permit to operators (delivery persons) to respect all steps of delivery (delivery address, drop-off locations, signatures…). 

Wex*PRM : a collaborative digital platform
designed exclusively for all companies operating

in exhibition's logistics

Processes perimeter.png

Wex*PRM The Processes Perimeter :

files model.png

Wex*PRM The files model : 

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