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Established in 2005, Wexlog technologies is a European Independent Software Vendor specialised in providing and delivering state-of-the-art software solutions for Supply-Chain, Transportation and Logistics industries.

Our mission is helping our Clients to transform themselves into “agile companies”, with the support of appropriate information systems.



Wexlog technologies is composed of three subsidiaries :


=> Wexlog France

Based in Paris, is the Software Lab which develops the Software Products and provides Technical Support to Clients and Partners. 

=> Wexlog Spain

Based in Seville, is a unit specialized on BPO for Cloud delivering solution for: Air, Sea, Road, Express and Logistics operations.

- Air,

- Sea,

- Express,

- Logistics operations.

=>Wexlog Italy

Based in Turin, is a Business Development and Service Delivery unit which provides system integration and project support to Clients and Partners.

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