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The Innovative

and Evolutive Solution 

For Transport and Logistics

They trust us...
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Wex4TL and Wexsuite are the result of several years of R&D in collaboration with the world's leading transport and logistics operators.
Wexlog strategies
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Develop partnerships with major consulting and system integration 


Workplace and Mobility

Develop in partnership with key market players.

Focus on the Transport & Logistics market.

Favour the Europe zone.

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•  Gap analysis

•  Customized solutions

•  Project Plan

•  Implementation Projet

•  Support and Maintenance

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Our Approach

Understand your request.

Present and demonstrate our solutions :

•  Realise some « Proof of concept »

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Propose a fully integrated 

information system based on proven and scalable Technology.

Invest in the quality of Products and deliverables.

Constantly developing the skills of our teams.

We provides to our clients an operational and complete software solution

To manage 3PL / 4PL transport and logistics operations

This solution integrates

Road freight, Express and FTL transportation

Air, Sea & Rail Freight-Forwarding

Logisticians operating in B2B & B2C Market

Logistics Automotive

Wexlog Team

Knowledge of the Transport & Logistics business

Business solutions development

Use of innovative technologies

Use of proven methodologies

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Need more information ?

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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